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How To Avoid Common Holiday Debt Traps
Dec 6, 2011 . During the holiday season, consumers often fall into dangerous "debt traps" that leave them . How To Avoid Common Holiday Debt Traps .

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During the holiday season, it is easy to fall into common “debt traps” that may leave you struggling to pay your bills and make ends meet. Some tips for avoiding .

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Mar 30, 2012 . Harriman observed that most consumers find themselves in huge debt at the beginning of the year culminating from the festive season .

WATCH YOUR MONEY DURING THIS FESTIVE SEASON. We are fast approaching . Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and the debt trap is also waiting.

Five ways to avoid the Christmas Debt Trap
Are you caught up in the cycle of overspending on Christmas and enduring the stress . ways you can avoid the trap of falling even further into debt this Christmas season. . Money & Common Sense: Just starting out, broke and have no debt.

Get Rid of Holiday Debt |
During the holiday season it's perfectly acceptable to be a complete spendthrift. . However, a massive debt trap is waiting for holiday spendthrifts that could be hard . but the subject has been getting more and more popular the last day or two.

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Nov 12, 2011 . The holiday season is the perfect time to discuss an issue that plagues . During the Christmas season we go into debt in an attempt to buy food,. . So how can you avoid the debt trap during this holiday season? . bag, while the very popular but presently of low quality rice sells for N8,700 per 100 kg bag.

What is credit? How credit can be both asset as well as a debt trap?
Mar 5, 2012 . (i) Example of credit as an asset: During the festival season, a shoe . (ii) Example of credit as debt trap: A farmer picks up the loan from a . Next year, he picks up a fresh loan and is able to have a normal crop that year.

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Simple tactics to avoid the debt trap. Does the holiday season seem to creep up on you each year? . Demystifying common online financial terms. . Online banking terminology is similar in many respects to regular banking, with just a few .,0,w

Credit Card Fees and Traps - eXtension
Mar 6, 2012 . Skip-a-month offers are a common credit card trap. They are used during the December-January holiday season when people have extra .

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Five Ways To Make Holiday Gift Giving Perfect This Year
You should start budgeting for your Christmas gift purchases now if you have not done so already. . Budgeting will help you stay away from using your credit cards and falling into the debt trap. . Last month, my four year-old boy showed me a toy that he wanted in the toy store, the Imaginex Aircraft . Most Popular Posts .

Avoiding Debt
Using credit wisely is the best way to avoid debt. Learn the right .

Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign; Little Relief from Winds in ...
Dec 3, 2011 . Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign; Little Relief from Winds in West; Avoid the Debt Trap When Holiday . Herman Cain today in Atlanta effectively ending his bid for the White House. . We all know the pressure of the holiday season. . But an argument could be made that this is not stable, normal .

Beware credit trap - Sowetan LIVE
Nov 30, 2011 . He says the popular special of "buy now, pay later" which is currently . to spend wisely in the festive season and start the new year debt-free.

Still paying for Christmas? |
Apr 3, 2012 . Are you still in debt after Christmas last year? . But while the season of goodwill may now be just a distant memory, . and loans funded the splurge for many, by far the most popular form of funding Christmas, . The debt trap .

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